3 amazing national parks in the world

This list depicts some of the world’s most amazing natural parks that are home to some rare wildlife, high peaks and wonderful landscapes.

Serengeti in Tanzania

The Serengeti park consists of three main areas, the Serengeti plains, the Western corridor and the Northern Serengeti. Each part offer unique properties. For instance the plains are where you would find the buffaloes, zebras, gazelles and other hoofed beasts. The Western corridor is swampy and is home to the Grumeti River in which some Nile crocodiles live. The Northern Serengeti part is made up of large areas of woodlands. The Serengeti park is the place to watch the Great Migration where a million wildebeest travel from the northern hills to the south plains to enjoy rains in October and November.

The Yellowstone National Park, USA

The Yellowstone offers a great deal of amazing sights and features with geysers, hiking trails and lakes. It is one of the US’ most popular parks and stretches across more than 350 kilometers square. Yellowstone is found primarily in the state of Wyoming and extends till Montana and Idaho. This national parks is home to animals such as the bald eagles, peregrine falcons, ospreys and wolves.

Ranthambore, India

Ranthambore is the place to be if you want to spot tigers in the wild. This park used to be the exclusive hunting ground of the kings of Jaipur and was known as Tigers’ Paradise. The number of tigers living on those grounds have tremendously decreased to 22 because of poachers and the animals are now closely protected.

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