4 Top Destinations to Travel To As a Volunteer

Article written by Learners Workshop

There are a number of destinations that are popular to volunteer at. One can’t think of a better reason to travel which involves helping the less fortunate while also getting to see new places.

Having said that, here are the top 4 destinations that you can get to see in working as a volunteer:

#1: China

Teaching English in China is the most popular volunteering activity that one can find. What you will do is stay at rural schools over a few weeks to help them with their language capabilities. But it works both ways since a trip to China can help those who want to improve their Mandarin speaking skills.

gearup4#2: Nepal

If you have to help underprivileged children, then Nepal is the place for you to go. A number of remote orphanages exist across this Himalayan country where one can teach English and also assist with the general upkeep of the orphanage’s facilities.

#3: South Africa

If you have a passion for wildlife, then this country is the place for you to go to given that there are a large number of volunteering opportunities if you want to work with lions, monkeys and even sharks. While the shark conservation occurs in Cape Town, the others take place outside Johannesburg.

#4: Costa Rica

Much like South Africa, Costa Rica is also a place for those who would like to volunteer at a wildlife conservation charity. For the most part, the conservation of sea turtles is the most popular of the lot. Volunteers patrol the beach to ensure that the hatched baby turtles make it to the sea unharmed.

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