Astounding Backpacking Trips to Add to your List

If you are thinking about hitting the dusty roads and exploring the wildest and most challenging parts of nature, then a backpacking is probably tailor-made for you. The list below might provide you with some inspiration of places to visit.

Peru – Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

The Inca Trail is made up of a network of stone-paved roads which were created by the ancient Incas leading to the ruins of Machu Picchu. The path is quite pittoresque, consisting of fog forests, alpine tundras, some llamas and prehistoric stoneworks. This trail is about 30 miles long or 48 kilometres and can be completed within four day. While most of the distance would cause moderate difficulty, the trail might get strenuous in some places. The ideal time to carry out this exploration would be from May to August.

Hawaii – Kalalau Trail

This is a short but nonetheless strenuous trail that passes through the cost of the Kauai island, thus giving the only land access to the rugged terrain. The trail begins quite simply but the road becomes less practical as it passes over main streams, valleys and ledges. At the end of the trail the amazing Hanakoa Falls can be viewed. The total length of the trail is 22 miles or 36 kilometres and it would require two to three days to complete it.

New Zealand – Queen Charlotte Track

This is one of the most widely known tramping tracks in New Zealand. The path is well-maintained and the views of the New Zealand greenery is amazing. The length of this track is of 44 miles or 71 kilometres, requiring four days to complete it fully.

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