How to pack for a winter vacation

Article Written by : Charity Banners

Packing correctly for a winter vacation means that you will have just enough clothing to keep you warm and not bring back clothing that you have not worn. Here are some simple tips that will get you ready for your next winter vacation.

Hats – Hats are a great way to reduce the heat leaving your body. Good travel hats should cover your ears, partly cover the back of your neck, have no flaps or fluff balls and made of thin, modern materials for maximum warmth.

Shoes – Winter weather will require big heavy duty shoes. Look at packing a simple pair of winter boots that you can wear while you travel. The boots you choose should be weatherproof, light on lacing and be a dark shade so that stains from mud and slush would not show.

Gloves – Light gloves that keep you warm and are key to managing the cold. Look for gloves that are thin, light, breathable, waterproof and quick drying.

Clothing – when packing your winter clothing, layering is key. You do this by starting off with a light long/ short-sleeve shirt, layered over a long-sleeve top, then add a fleece sweater and finish off with a light wind and waterproof outer shell.

Accessories – Polarized sunglasses are a must to keep out glare. Although winter weather does not include much sun, you still can get sun burnt so packing a sunscreen is advisable. If you are spending extended time outdoors, packing a lower body base layer can be useful.

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