3 Best Treks In The World

The classic treks listed below are meant for serious and enthusiastic walkers. All of these treks require the right physical fitness and a considerable amount of preparation. However, if you are already an experienced trekker then you might consider trying them out.

Inca Trail, Peru

This is an ancient trail and as the name suggests, was laid out by the Incas. The path is stretches across 33 kilometres and is walked by thousands of people every year. The trail covers the Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley and winds up and down the mountains. This is arguably South America’s most famous trail and it combines the magic of walking in ruins and on mountains passing through forests.

GR20, France

This slog that passes through Corsica is legendary and greatly known for the diversity of views and landscapes that it offers to trekkers. It is about 168 kilometres long and it takes about 15 days to complete the whole trek. You could expect to see windswept craters, moonscapes from granites, torrents, maquis and glacial lakes to name a few along the walk. This path tends to be rocky in some places and steep in others. The walk also comprises of some unstable bridges and slippery rocks.

Everest Base Camp, Nepal

This is a three-week trek and is quite popular among the toughest of trekkers and those who would like to live the experience of having been at the base of highest mountain on earth. The altitude would need some getting used to but the scenery is spectacular and worth it.

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