3 Reasons people often get sick when they travel

Although traveling is wonderful, it can be less than ideal when you, a family or friend gets sick when on holiday. Here are three reasons why people get sick when they travel.

Airports and train stations are cesspools of viruses – Since you are around more people than usual and confined to an enclosed space if the person near you has a virus the chances of you becoming infected are high. Coupled with the fact that cabin pressure makes your nose and sinuses dry, you may feel temporarily congested. The best way to reduce the chances of you getting the flu is to take a flu shot if you are traveling between October and April. You should also avoid touching public surfaces and your face while you travel. Look at carrying a hand sanitizer and always wash your hands after using the toilet.

Foreign countries can be home to foreign diseases – To understand what diseases are prevalent in the country you are traveling to, look at visiting some government websites to see what infections are present. Most government websites will also list vaccinations that need to be taken to prevent certain diseases.

Your tap water can be contaminated – Drinking water from the tap can cause diarrhea and other gut illnesses. Before your trip visit the CDC.gov website and see the list of countries that offer safe drinking water. If you get diarrhea at your destination, stay hydrated and monitor your stools for blood. If so, seek medical attention at your earliest.

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