3 U.S Locations for Outdoor Lovers

It’s been asked if people who live in the city can enjoy a camping trip without traveling too far.

The answer to that question is in the affirmative since there is at least one place per state in the United States that offers the best of nature to such lovers.

Here are 3 U.S locations that are best for outdoor lovers:

gearup4nature1: Anaheim, California

Even though there are a number of entertainment options within Anaheim itself, there are plenty of outdoor activities to add to the mix. Not only are there acres of state parks but plenty of beaches too. Given the weather, these activities include whale and dolphin watching, boating, swimming, kayaking and even playing golf too.

2: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Located at the base of Pikes Peak, the Colorado Springs is enveloped in forests as well as activities such as rock climbing, mountain biking, horseback riding and fishing. If that’s not enough, the 120-feet deep Royal Gorge canyon offers whitewater rafting. Also, you can take scenic hikes from Garden of the Gods National Natural Landmark. As for the winter, there are a number of ski resorts where residents can opt for.

3: Mesa, Arizona

This city is only miles away from Phoenix, Arizona. Not only can its residents enjoy the Sonoran wilderness but also thousands of acres of national parks. With a diverse ecosystem of plants and animals, kayaking, horseback riding, hiking and cycling are activities that are on offer. In Mesa itself, there are a number of golf courses as well as urban fishing lakes too.

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