4 Museums to Visit in Barcelona

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Much like any other city in Europe, Barcelona is a city that has monuments that testify to its rich culture.

In particular, its museums tend to attract a lot of attention. One museum in Catalonia is most well-known for its modernism.

But that’s not all – here are 4 other museums that you can visit in Barcelona too:

1: Museu Picasso

This was the only museum that Picasso was involved with. Almost 4000 pieces of his art is located in the museum that was opened in 1963. Most of these paintings are said to have been created in his youth. This museum is completely unique and you won’t find anything like it in the world. If you want to refer to Picasso, then this would be the museum to visit.

 gearup4nature2: Macba

This museum is considered to be Barcelona’s home for contemporary art. Built by popular architect Richard Meier in 1995, you can find a large collection of European pop art as well as works from the 70s and 80s avant-garde artists too. Some of them include Dieter Roth, Ali Cherri, Walid Raad and Richard Hamilton.


An acronym for the National Museum of Catalan Art, a large collection of art based in Spain and from abroad finds its home there. Its galleries have almost 2000 paintings. The modernist collection which includes paintings of Francesc Català-Roca and Salvador Dalí is a must-see for art enthusiasts. This is especially so if you have an interest in that period of history.

4: Fundació Tàpies

This building, made of red bricks, showcases the works of Joan Tàpies primarily apart from Salvador Dalí too. You can find the latter’s works for the past 50 years here. Those who have visited will agree that it is wonderfully relaxing. One last thing: this building is a classic example of Catalan modernist architecture built in the 1880s.

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