4 Bad Pieces of Advice Given to Frequent Travelers

Advice can be very tricky because it tends to be subjective at times. Sometimes, it can be both subjective as well as just downright wrong too because the advice givers don’t know what they’re talking about.

Even the best in the travel business have made this mistake. Here are 4 bad pieces of advice given to frequent travelers:

1: Buying everything at your destination

Unfortunately, this only applies to people who belong to the ‘average’ category. You won’t be able to find a number of things if your size is above 8. This is especially true if you are traveling to Asian countries. Of course, if you have big feet, finding shoes will be just as difficult.


2: Try street food

While it might be fun to try street food, sometimes it isn’t safe for those traveling. Being adventurous is great and all but it’s better to be safe than sorry. This is simply because a bout of food poisoning can ruin that trip you’ve waited so long to take.

3: Avoid talking to strangers

Not talking to strangers is another silly piece of advice. Some people have had the best experiences talking to people on their trips. This could be locals, Couchsurfers and even just random travelers that they have met on their journey.

4: Travel is only during the holidays

One traveler left home for almost seven years while being told that their holiday wouldn’t last. In fact, they were told that once they had seen a few places, they’d want to come back home. In other words, a traveling lifestyle was anything but possible. Well, the couple has stayed on the road for almost 3000 days and counting.

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