4 Best Destinations to Travel in 2015

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The world is getting smaller with each passing day. Yet it increases your travel options too since there are a variety of new experiences on offer.


So, let’s look at the 4 best destinations to travel in 2015:

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1: Cuba

Relaxed travel restrictions on Cuba is good news for Americans. Several tour groups include Insight Cuba, Central Holidays and Smithsonian Journey help you explore. Cruising, jazz music, cigar factories, golf resorts and restaurants make it ideal to visit.


2: Fez, Morocco

Marrakesh has been a popular destination for sometime now. Yet Fez, which is 240 miles northeast, is also taking shape. Several hotels, galleries and restaurants have popped up in the meanwhile. Riad restoration is also going on in earnest. So far, this rapid development isn’t considered a problem yet. Better still: an upgraded airport is set to welcome almost 2.5 million passengers.


3: Catskills, New York

It was Jewish families that found refuge here in the 50s. Soon after, hippies also made this place their home. Only now, travelers of the hip and design-crazy variety are visiting here. With stylish B&Bs open, there are plenty of activities that one can enjoy. Some of these include fly-fishing, antiquing, microbrewery hopping and hiking. That said, several casinos are due to open in a couple of years.


4: Rotterdam, Netherlands

If Amsterdam is old school, then Rotterdam reveals a picture of the future. Its city center has become a major attraction, thanks to the style that it lends. The latest attraction includes the MVRDV-designed Markthal that looks like a horseshoe. It has 96 stalls, nine restaurants, 20 shops and 228 apartments. It also features Holland’s largest artwork too. Other landmarks to see are the Rotterdam Central Train Station, Rem Koolhas’ nhow hotel. Also, one ca visit the Netherlands Photo Museum and the New Luxor Theater.


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