Four Best Places to Hike in South America

The South American continent has a lot to offer in terms of nature. Hikers are well aware of that and they do take good advantage of that. Here are four of the best hikes in South America. The views are breath taking, so get your camera and read on.

La Ciudad Perdida, Colombia

This place was discovered in around 1970. The locals probably knew of the place, but the Western world was very new to it. The place is an ancient city built hundreds of years before. It is characterised by circular stone terraces.

Santa Cruz, Peru

If you like mountains, this will be a great adventure for you. This is the highest tropical mountain range in the world. It offers some amazing views of glacial lakes, sandy deserts. Some say it almost feels like a beach on top of the mountains.

Valley of the Volcanoes, Ecuador

This is quite a popular location in Ecuador, but tourists rarely go there. The Quilotoa crater lake is undoubtedly the best part of the journey. It’s a spectacular emerald green lake inside the crater of a volcano. Don’t worry though, the volcano is extinct since long.

Torres del Paine, Chile

You’ll enjoy turquoise lagoons, pristine glaciers, granite spikes and snowy mountain tops. This trip is bound to be one of the most memorable ones. This is however a hard to get location, so be prepared for that. As always, wear comfortable shoes, bring some snacks and water bottles and enjoy the hike.

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