4 Common Travel Pet Peeves That Travelers Share

No matter how patient you think you are, there are going to be times when you get mad when you travel.

Blame it on all kinds of people you come across with annoying habits. Here are 4 common travel pet peeves that most people share:

1: Not Everyone Knows the English Language

Travelers who don’t make an effort to learn the local language and assume that everyone speaks fluent English can be difficult to deal with. Sometimes this can lead to disrespect on their part towards those who aren’t so fluent. There’s no point yelling at someone especially if they don’t understand what you are saying.

gearup4nature2: The Need to Rush Off the Plane

As soon as a destination is reached, some travelers rush towards the airplane aisle rather mindlessly. Speaking of which, there’s no point doing this since you will have to wait at immigration and for your luggage too. No matter how quickly you want to get off the plane and to your hotel, it isn’t going to help since you will still have to wait for the aforementioned reasons.

3: Travel Snobs

As you travel more often, you’ll come across people who will explain as to why they are better travelers than you are. Let’s not forget that travel isn’t a competition. Some of them will point out little ‘flaws’ about your travel followed by a comment or two that suggests how they traveled better.

4: Hurry to Board the Plane

There are travelers who line up at the gate 20 minutes before its time in order to get on to the plane as soon as possible. Given that planes now board people based on zones or groups, there’s no point doing this. It only serves to confuse those who don’t travel often too.

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