How to Decorate Around a Fire Pit for a Cozy, Fun Setting

Summary: A fire pit makes a great addition to any patio. Be sure that you decorate appropriately around it to enhance its overall beauty.

An increasing number of homeowners are taking their patio to the next level by adding a cozy, warm fire pit. The luxurious feel of this is sure to capture the attention of any guest, but it does little good if a comfortable surrounding environment doesn’t compliment it.

First, a Safety Warning

A fire pit is perfect for that relaxing atmosphere and is a great focal point for parties and gatherings. However, it’s important that you place your fire pit in the ideal location. Always keep in mind that it should stay away from any structure that may ignite – it should typically be placed in an open area with 10 feet of clearance on all sides.

Let’s say you go ahead and buy your fire pit and some outdoor patio furniture from Wicker Paradise, only to find that you have limited space to place all of your products. Don’t make the decision to go ahead and leave the possibility of ignition to chance. Always take the cautious route and leave a substantial amount of space.

Let’s Decorate!

Depending on the type of fire pit you’ve purchased, or are looking to purchase, there a hundreds of design possibilities that you can choose from. Most importantly, you’ll want a setting that evokes a cozy, homey feeling to it. Choose a color scheme that’ll fit your patio – as opposed to making it stick out from your home. You’ll also want to purchase durable outdoor patio furniture that’s designed to withstand the spontaneous weather changes.

Arrange your furniture so that it’s not too close to the fire pit, as mentioned earlier. The foundation, in essence, lies with the outdoor furniture pieces, but you can also add some fun, and decorative, items as well. Keep your patio from becoming too cluttered with items, as it’ll only make your patio look smaller in size. Additionally, take the time to look at some outdoor replacement cushions if you want to keep some of your existing furniture pieces. There are various stores that sell high quality cushions at reasonable prices.

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