Revamping a Patio

Written by Wicker Paradise

Summer might not be here yet but you might already be thinking about warmer and more sunny days. The patio and garden are probably the places where we tend to spend the most of our outdoors time during summer. If your patio is in need of a revamping, you might already start to plan to give it a facelift. With just a few changes, you could completely alter the look of your outdoors.

Outdoor Curtains

Outdoor curtains are good options against harsh sunlights. They also provide some privacy in case your patio is exposed to onlookers. The color of the curtains could match that of your home’s color palette. You might also choose some summer colors such as turquoise if you intend to put the curtain up in summer only.

Wicker Furniture

Wicker patio furniture would provide a chic look to your patio. These types of furniture are also comfortable and durable. If you intend to lounge on your patio reading or sipping a glass of iced tea, you might consider investing in an outdoor wicker daybed as well.

Outdoor Light

Changing the lighting of a patio is an effective way to change the way it looks. You might possibly opt for a different kind of lighting than what you already had. A beautiful chandelier or a more modern lighting would complement your new decor.

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