Top eight reasons to travel by train

Article Written by : Eco World

Train travel is looking attractive since it provides passengers with scenic views at budget prices. Here are 8 reasons to travel by train

Money savings – If you’re travelling for short distances, train travel is very economical. You may find that train travel is sometimes half the cost of air travel.

Stable fares – While airfares fluctuate from season to season and even from one way trip to a round trip, train fares remain constant. Therefore, you can buy your train ticket, knowing that you are getting a fair price.

Flexibility – With short train rides, you don’t have to make prior reservations. Just simply show up at the station and buy your ticket.

More baggage – Train travel offers its passengers with a large allowance for luggage.

Hassle free – Train travel does not require you to arrive early and wait in long lines to get security clearance. Often you can arrive 30 minutes before and get on to your carriage.

Door-to-Door convenience – Most train stations are located near major cities and therefore are easy and inexpensive to get to.

Eco-Friendly – Trains definitely are more eco-friendly than taking a plane or a car ride. Trains emit less carbon and therefore they are less damaging to the environment.

Old-fashioned and traditional – With everything being modernized, it can be refreshing to enjoy taking it slow and enjoying the scenery, fine china, and full-service meals.


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